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Are you a writer who started a really awesome longfic for spn_j2_bigbang and missed the cutoff for the first draft? Tell us what you're working on! Or just post or link it here when you finish it!


Are you an artist/vidder who digs making cover art/trailers for really awesome fics? Challenge your muse by offering to make cover art/trailers for fics-in-progress.

Either way, get your mouse clicking on that happy join/watch button!

I will archive all the fics posted, organizing them by category and pairing.

FYI: This is a place for finished longfics. Having multiple chapters is obviously okay, but I'd like to see them posted all together. There are tons of places to post fics chapter-by-chapter. So ... no posting of WIPs.

FYI2: This comm was started especially for all those who thought about being involved with spn_j2_bigbang, but didn't get there in time. However, all longfics in the SPN (and related RPS) fandom are welcome here.

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